Yay! we're engaged... now what?

In a world where insta is life and our pinterest boards scroll on forever, how are we supposed to obtain the wedding of our dreams?! What is reality? Do people even follow a budget anymore? 

We have compiled a small list of questions we hear time and time again, to help you and your 'yoncé tackle your biggest party yet! 

q: I have so many inspiration pictures, how do I even begin to narrow them down?   

One of the most helpful things for any couple early in the game is to start narrowing down all the shiny things you like and hone in on the things you really love. Here are some ways to objectively look at the things that have caught your eye and weed out the things that do/don't work:

  • Decide what spaces need decorations and how you want those spaces to look.

  • Pick a color palette that suits you and your venue(s)

  • Consider the time of year you are getting married (If you are having a January wedding but all your florals are tulips and daffodils, start expanding your search to florals that will be in season)

  • Make notes on WHY you like things. I.E-" I love the mirrored try under this candle and bud vase combo because it feels romantic" 

  • It's ok to piece things together;  if you like the shape of one bouquet but the color palette or certain flowers from another, save them both and we can create you something new and unique!

q: We have $500. That should be plenty, right?

Whew! Budgets are hard, y'all! Especially when you are dealing with things that you have little to no frame of reference or a baseline of what the norm is. This is our most frequently asked question and the answer is:

Your budget is your budget. We consider it our highest priority to respect you and the hard earned money you are saving up to throw this party for your friends and family as they celebrate alongside you. This is why we wait to give quotes until after our initial consultation where we can sit down and see what your big picture is and compare it to your budget. During that time it is of utmost importance that you level with us on your budget. If you have an exact amount set aside that is not flexible, we respect that and are willing to work with you but we will also be honest with you in saying what is feasible and what is not. 

To answer this question a little more directly, a $500 budget is ideal for an intimate wedding... we would say between 10- 30 people. Bouquets, boutonnières, ceremony decor, table arrangements... all of those things grow exponentially as the guest list gets longer or the space gets bigger. And as the items and spaces to fill add up, so do the amount of hours we have to work to put it all together for you! 

BUT, we love to meet a challenge and will happily walk you through the process of matching your desires to your budget... it's our job! 

This is a tough one. Honestly, our best answer is: Maybe. Although most greenery tends to be on the less expensive side, if you are using a lot of it (I.E- garlands/table runners, mantle and/or arbor installations etc.) it can add up very quickly!  If you like the look of heavy greenery, go for it ( you will never hear us complain!) but if it is just to stretch the budget there may be other ways to achieve that as well. 



q: We don't have a huge budget, will filling with greenery save
us money?

Again, such a delicate question to answer with so many variables to factor in. However, as we scroll the blogs and sift through the pins and flip the magazine pages we are noticing more and more that floral budgets are higher than you would think in the images we are soaking in. By these standards, taking into account many of the elements that are commonly used we can say that your typical "Pinterest" wedding  (around 120-150 guests, ceremony decor, reception decor, 8-12 in the bridal party, one or two statement pieces or installations like an arbor or photo backdrop) is going to start around $2,000. 

We know... that might be a shock to you. That's ok! We are here to help walk you through and we guarantee our honesty, transparency and sensitivity to your needs and budget every step of the way. 


q: our budget is not
set and we have no idea where to start for our florals, what is reasonable?

Well, yes and no. But most likely you aren't going to want to use just those. When it comes to color palette's, be flexible! Having a little wiggle room in your florals can really make your color palette pop! Sage and Navy you say? How about some crisp white and soft blush to really make those suits/dresses stand out?! If you are having trouble imagining what you could even use with the color palette you've chosen, let us know! 

q: Our colors are Sage and Navy... Are there Navy flowers??

YES! Say it with me...Tablescaping... taking an entire table and filling it out to make a complete vision from the place settings down to the floral elements. It's kind of a perfect scenario for us and for you! We Wildegals are creatives through and through, so having free reign to curate an entire tablescape that fits your vision is a dream come true for us.  We have several vendors that we adore who have beautiful and unique items we would be happy to arrange rentals from to compliment your floral needs. If this is something you are interested in, please just make a note in your bridal questionnaire! 


q: We have a specific vision for our tables and decor, can you
help us?

We do! Your proposal will include the factored cost of materials and set up fees for our team to come in and arrange the floral elements as they have been discussed. ( I.E- placing arrangements on tables, installation pieces, dressing tables with garlands or runners etc.) We can also arrange for our team to come and dispose of the floral elements and any accompanying rentals at the end of your event for an additional fee.

*Please note that we do not provide clean-up for the entire venue, this service is just for floral elements/table decor that we bring in.  

q: Do you provide
set up/tear down
for our event?

Great question! When you go to your reception/ceremony venue start looking around at the spaces you will be filling. All of those spaces are real estate and that real estate will not only be enjoyed by you and your guests, but also captured in pictures. There are obvious ones like guest tables & sweetheart/bridal party table(s) but there are probably some that you might miss. Here are a few spaces to consider:

  • Food/Beverage service spaces (Buffet table? Bar? Cake table?)
  • Ceremony site (Is there an altar/railing? Are there visible alcoves/pillars/windows in line with where you will stand?
  • Chuppa/Arbor (Will there be a structural element you will stand under or in-front of? )
  • Reception site (Are there fireplaces/mantles/banisters/windows that are focal points?)
  • Photo opps (Do you want a designated space for guests to take photos and will it need flowers?)
  • Outdoor wedding (Ceremony/reception under a tree? Consider hanging floral arrangements to add some drama)

Just to name a few commonly overlooked areas. Don't be afraid to ask your venue guide/planner about some of their favorite floral elements they've seen in the space, you might get some great ideas!! 

And as always, we are here to help! We would be happy to go along to a venue walkthrough with you or chat over photos to discuss possibilities. 


q: When looking at venues, how do we decide what needs
a florists touch?